JLI Ending VAC Hub 12/13 – 10 am via zoom



Antonia Antonopoulus(UNICEF), Diana Gerson (NY Board of Rabbis),Glenn Miles, Meghan Kelly (Compassion International), Camilla Jones (Family for every child), Neelam Fida (Islamic Relief Worldwide), Selina Palm (Stellenbosch University), Vanessa Pizer (Episcopal Relief & Dev), Christina Nisha (Tearfund), Monica Napier (Samaritan’s Purse), Carrie Miller (CRS) , Joanna Kretzer-Chun (World Relief), Stacy Nam (JLI)

Co-chairs: Robyn Hagan (WVI), Rebeca Rios-Kohn (Arigatou Intl), Carola Eyber (Queen Margaret Univ)



  1. Scoping study focus
  2. Review of the proposed 3 core themes
  3. Discussion
  4. Next Steps


Key Actions:

  • Carola will draft an outline of the scoping study for review of all Hub members
  • Next meeting will be every other month.
  • By Feb: Hub members to complete a short survey to get feedback and willingness to contribute to the study and use this then to judge how best to move forward
  • Please send Stacy any resources you wish to contribute or current programs you would like to include for JLI website
  • Discussion for end of January, opportunities for advocacy and hub outcomes

A two-part scoping study process:



  1. Review of the evidence and literature on 2-3 topics with collation of practical examples from programming- What we know; identify initial gaps (3-4 months Feb- May 2018)
  2. Primary data collection through semi-structured interviews with key informants as well as generation of case studies that illustrate approaches in the field to working with EVAC from a faith perspective (4-5 months May-Sept 2018)



  1. The unique contribution of faith communities perspectives on EVAC
  2. Role of faith leaders in in influencing wider community and formal & informal child protection systems in relation to prevention and response to EVAC as well as their involvement as perpetrators of EVAC

Cross cutting themes: Gender perspectives, Interfaith approaches/collaboration, Child participation



  • Neelam: good to see gender perspectives- ensure non-duplication w/ GBV HTP study
    • R: all VAC issues need to have a gender lens as VAC affects all children regardless of gender
    • Selina: emphasis in HTP study that VAC /VAW are interrelated
  • Glenn: may be good to be specific about types of violence especially as so many have been profiled eg challenges w/ corporal punishment, sexal abuse/exploitation, perpetrators as part of church
  • Camilla:good to see interviews as part of scoping; a family for every child has a couple relevant projects: sexual abuse of boys and role of faith communities esp  religious leaders in islamic contexts; FGM in Jordan
    • We’d like to start a listing of case studies of interventions (including who, where and how involved in child protection/ informal-formal systems)
  • Oluleye especially needed in Nigeria- Karuna state poverty drives VAC
  • Joanna: definition of faith leaders may need to broaden to faith actors
    • Robyn: yes, FLs are gatekeepers but other lay people are involved
    • Especially consider how not to instrumentalize, but look at all actors and drivers of behavior
  • Carola: do we need to add negative to theme one?
  • R: Unique contribution can incorporate both positive and negative
  • N: Need recommendations for diff audiences; do we address how to support FAs practically?
    • Past studies focused on NGOs work w/ faith communities vs equipping FLs themselves to do something based on the findings (potential further hub project?)
  • Glenn: study on children’s perspectives in Thailand- will share in 2018

Please send any reports, resources, case studies you would like to share as JLI starts to document what interventions are currently occurring


Hub next steps

  • Regular 2 month meetings (start end of Feb 2018)
  • Zoom seems to work though may rotate times to accommodate Asia vs Africa/ US
  • Consider joint funding and partnerships throughout scoping for post gap-filling research


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