Meeting Minutes


Diana Gerson (NY Board of Rabbis), Meghan Kelly & Liliana Gitau (Compassion International), Neelam Fida (Islamic Relief Worldwide), Selina Palm (Stellenbosch University), Menya Muhammed (Uganda Muslim Supreme Council), Monica Napier (Samaritan’s Purse), Joanna Kretzer-Chun (World Relief), Jose Miguel De Angulo (MAP Intl), Andrew Knight (Humanitarian Practitioner), John Carr (ECPAT), Silvia Mazzarelli (Arigatou Intl-GNRC), Michee Sagara (MINUSMA), Fazel Rahim (Encompass), Susan Greener (Catalyst for Children at Risk for the Lausanne Movement-Wheaton), Stacy Nam & Olivia Wilkinson (JLI)

Co-chairs: Robyn Hagan (WVI), Rebeca Rios-Kohn (Arigatou Intl), Carola Eyber (Queen Margaret Univ)

Next steps


  1. Scoping Study Proposal and discussion
  2. Dissemination and Communication 
  3. Next Steps

Key Actions:

  • Next meeting will be May 30 at 9am ET & continue every other month on the 1st Wednesday at 9am ET
  • Call for contributions: Hub members to send case studies, resources, links and possible interviewees for the scoping study
  • Please send Stacy any resources you wish to contribute or current programs you would like to include for JLI website (we will be listing links to current organizations involved in the JLI Hub on a member page shortly).
  • Opportunities for advocacy, communications and hub outcomes

Three-part scoping study process underway:



  1. overview of existing evidence and literature on 2-3 topics with collation of practical examples from programming- What we know; identify initial gaps (3-4 months March- May 2018) conducted by Kathleen Rutledge (QMU PhD student)
  2. written contributions and case-studies submitted by EVAC Hub partner humanitarian organizations (both secular and faith-based) and key policy-makers (April-July 2018), and
  3. semi-structured interviews conducted with circa 10-12 practitioners, policy-makers and faith leaders predominantly based in the global south (July- August 2018) and final write-up of scoping study drawing on literature review and case studies (September 2018) by Dr. Selina Palm, UDRD, University of Stellenbosch).


  1. The unique contributions of faith communities – both in relation to ending as well as legitimising violence against children – their involvement in the perpetuation as well as their positive influence in this sphere
  2. Role of faith actors in formal & informal child protection systems in relation to prevention and response to EVAC as well as their involvement as perpetrators of EVAC

Cross cutting themes: Gender perspectives, Interfaith approaches/collaboration, Child participation

Discussion of initial Findings

  • Kathleen: initial findings & gaps in the academic literature based on 166 articles (about 30% complete)
    • Trends fairly well documented: Global north, negative aspects esp Catholic church & sexual abuse, if mentioned-  contributions (domestic abuse, counseling), prevention & advocacy, INGO work
    • Community level focuses on knowledge, attitudes & behaviors
    • Some global south w/ SGBV, Corporal Punishment (some trafficking and HIV) Gaps: local faith actors, communities & NGOs
    • More reports on women & girls and the differentiation between them is difficult
    • More on Christianity, some on Islam; very little other religions;
    • Gaps: Child protection systems (formal & informal at local level), assistance and other survivor services, local led initiatives and impact, addressing boys and adolescents/ youth, LGBT, Migrants & Refugees; Europe, East & South Asia,  interfaith and other faiths

Response/ Discussion

  • Jose: child sexual abuse documented in bolivia, silence of judicial system, & INSPIRE indicator work- will send documentation in English & Spanish if no translation
  • Silvia: role of relig communities in protecting children from gang violence; group quickly collect experiences & case studies in N triangle & Mx- will share
  • We will try to find ways to review documents in other languages (Spanish, Arabic, French etc) if not in English
    • Sylvia open to support interviews in spanish; case studies easier to receive in spanish, but could translate
    • Neelam: translation for local languages- possible capacity within orgs to do that
  • Diana: Important to represent all religions if possible as there is work on the ground
  • This will happen through the call for case studies as this will allow us to supplement what is not currently represented in the literature

Call for submissions of resources, materials, case studies and examples that will fill the above gaps open from April- June:

We are gathering literature from academic repositories, and now turn to the Hub members to fill in the gaps. We are interested in any examples that illustrate dynamics around religion and protecting children against violence. We invite you to:

  • Submit relevant materials and references. This is to ensure that we have all the main material covered. We are looking for materials that provide key insights into the ways in which religion affects ending violence against children, such as the role of local faith communities in response. This can include a diverse range of documentation from the grey literature: research reports, web links, policy briefs etc. Please use the following form to submit materials or references.
  • Submit case studies. A case study is a specific example of work from your organization or one of your partner organisations that highlights the role of religion and/or local faith communities in ending VAC.
  • Participate in an interview or recommend contacts for interviews *Not all case studies will be selected for interviews but please provide a contact name and email

Hub Scoping Dissemination Plan & Communications

  • We will develop a Calendar of events (please feel free to send any now through this calendar)
  • WV Church Partners Forum in Rome & Arigatou Online Exploitation summit in Abu Dhabi
  • We will develop key messages through major platforms (website newsletters, emails, social media)
  • Develop list of Key faith leaders that need to be interviewed or communicated w/
  • Interviews & PR; engage key champions for child rights (Marta Santos Pais, rapporteurs, CRC)


  • Selina: Not just targeting faith leaders to communicate the study, but use the study to build bridges between sectors and faith leaders:  this is what faith is doing
  • CRC briefing meeting
  • Fazel: I recommend engaging and interviewing reformist faith leaders would be helpful. Happy to recommend few I know and have worked with, specially, those from Islamic communities.  
  • Oluleye: in Nigeria we have Christian Association of Nigeria, Interfaith Mediation Centre, Nigeria Interfaith dialogue,OAIC,PPFN,PFN.TEKAN/HEKAN
  • Megan: Compassion may be able to submit a case study, but we’ll need to go through some internal approvals before we’re able to commit to sending anything in

Next steps

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