Matthew Stephens, Megan Kelly, Diana Gerson, Jose Miguel De Angulo, Silvia Mazzarelli

and JLI EVAC Co-chairs with Selina Palm, Olivia, Stacy & Jean


September & November Notes Summary

Welcome & EVAC Scoping update

Kathleen Rutledge completed the literature review focused on:

  1. Unique contribution and role of local faith communities and actors in preventing and responding to violence against children
  2. Roles and contributions that faith actors make to the formal and informal child protection systems
  3. Faith actors also perpetuate violence through direct abuse, justification using religious teachings or respond with silence to the violence

Key highlights:

  1. Preventing Violence and Providing Survivor Care
  2. Divergent Contributions related to varying interpretations of religious teaching and the subsequent types of faith actor engagement
  3. Strengthening Child Protection Systems (very little on formal systems)
  4. Perpetuating of Violence against Children

see here for more information on theJLI EVAC Preliminary Literature Review Findings

Case Studies

  •  EVAC Hub received about 10 case studies which were reviewed and 5 case studies drafted by a JLI intern
  • Case study covers: WV CAR, IR Integrated GBV CP, Arigatou Learning to Live Together – El Salvador, UNICEF Egypt & Butterfly project Cambodia



14 key informant interviews conducted to look at more non-formal documented evidence

  • Focused on filling gaps around regions especially southern context, faiths (especially Hindu and Buddhist), child protection systems, promising practices
  • Two people needed translation (Spanish and Arabic)
  • Selina will work to synthesize all parts into a shorter document and triangulate between case studies, lit review etc.


Communication & dissemination plan

Phase 1: Generate interest with 5 key groups, listed above (March-Dec 2018)

Phase 2: synthesize key messages and create communications products (Jan-Feb 2019?)

Phase 3: Disseminate findings (March-Nov 2019)

  • How do we ensure the results don’t just sit there:
  • We need to identify key messages and ideally for whom; What products will the hub create
  • What can the Hub do based on capacity
    • Reach out through networks
    • Do we target faith leaders as a key audience – ie sermon points, key messages & train etc

Stacy to work with a small group of membeers to pull together a proposal for funding the dissemination

  • Potential events/ convenings for consideration (30th anniversary of CRC, etc) (Rebeca)
  • Funding for 2019 collaborations

Next steps:

  • Preliminary report will be circulated to core members in December
  • Next Hub member meeting in January


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