Tearfund is a Christian aid and development organization based in the UK. When a community lifts itself out of poverty, everything changes. Poverty does more than exhaust, starve, trap and kill people. It destroys their sense of worth, limits their horizons, robs people of the chance to reach their full potential. Tearfund’s call is to follow Jesus where the need is greatest. They long for new life and a new sense of worth for people. They do whatever it takes to end poverty and rebuild poor communities. They work through local churches, because they’re Jesus’ body on earth, ready to care for the whole person – and the whole community – inside and out.

Faith Affiliation: Inspired by the principles of Christianity.

Key Facts: Tearfund works in over 50 countries focusing on various issues from child health, HIV, and creating local changes through faith networks. Tearfund has 25,817 churches envisioned. With the help of 3,900 volunteers and several employees, Tearfund is able to reach 4,214,596 beneficiaries.

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