This guide was developed by UNICEF’s Civil Society Partnerships (CSP) Unit. Oren Ipp, Senior Consultant, led research and development with assistance from Rebecca Hopkins. David Ponet and Caterina Tino provided valuable editorial feedback throughout the process. The mapping was conducted under the overall guidance and supervision of Liza Barrie, Chief of UNICEF’s Civil Society Partnerships, Jeffrey O’Malley, Director of UNICEF’s Division of Data, Research and Policy.

This mapping captures the tremendous amount of work being carried out in the field and supported by UNICEF regional offices and headquarters in New York and Geneva. One hundred and twenty UNICEF offices were involved in providing and verifying the information contained in this mapping. CSP would like to express its deep gratitude to all the staff from every office that contributed to this project, without whom this mapping could not have been developed. Feedback on the mapping was also provided through a validation workshop held in Geneva in December 2014. Special thanks to Maneli Agakhan, Leslie Goldman, Sahar Higerez, Shamsher Ali Khan, Kerida McDonald, Manisha Mishra, Samuel Momanyi, Frederique Seidel, Deepika Singh, Farelia Tahina, and Hanna Woldemeskel for their valuable insights and honest reflections.

Rissho Kosei-Kai provided financial support for the development of the mapping.

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