Weather Coast and Temotu
Community Channels of Hope Project
Phase 1

Hope for a safer Solomon Islands

Findings from evaluations of gender norms change and violence prevention initiatives in Honiara, Temotu and Weather Coast

World Vision’s Channels of Hope for Gender (CoHG) methodology seeks to explore gender identities, norms and values from a faith perspective and mobilise faith leaders’ influence to challenge misconceptions and reduce violence against women. The CoHG program methodology challenges faith leaders to acknowledge and act upon the gender injustices prevalent in the communities where World Vision works. The methodology is participatory, inviting participants into the kind of dialogues that identify and affirm positive aspects of culture and pertinent faith-based presuppositions while challenging negative attitudes and practices on gender. Channels of Hope for Gender has been implemented in over 59 countries.

With 90 per cent of the Solomon Islands’ population identifying as Christian, faith -based responses have been identified as particularly well-placed to address pervasive masculinities and the devaluation of women perpetuated by cultural and faith leaders.

With support from the Australian Government’s Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP), the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and DFAT post in the Solomon Islands, World Vision Australia has been working with communities in urban Honiara and rural Temotu and Weather Coast to implement the CoHG methodology and challenge those beliefs and behaviours leading to gender-based and sexual violence


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