This article is based on the findings of a 40-day summative evaluation (Brown, 2016) that was carried out at the end of the SCORE ECD project, employing a triangulating data collection method that included 20 focus group discussions of 30-90 minutes and 36 key informant interviews with 143 participants. The evaluation team also reviewed the records of the three project countries. Open-ended questions were used in all the discussions and interviews, which were conducted in English, recorded, transcribed, and reviewed by all the project’s key actors. The evaluation found that, after receiving training on holistic ECD, the caregivers of the three faith-based organizations modified the way they cared for children. The implications of the findings are that with enhanced technical capacity faith-based organizations (FBOs) can play a crucial role in increasing both access and quality of early childhood services for children throughout the household-to-education and health continuum of care.

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