A tenth anniversary guide for reflection and discussion

The Kyoto Declaration has served as an invaluable resource for those engaged in multi-religious cooperation and advocacy for children. It explicitly recommends prohibition of corporal punishment and has provided a guide for religious leaders working with others towards prohibition of corporal punishment and other forms violence against children.The Kyoto Declaration has assumed renewed signi cance and relevance during the 10th anniversary of the UN Secretary General’s Global Report on Violence against Children. UNICEF’S ground breaking report “Hidden in Plain Sight” published in 2014 and the launch of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals provide additional new opportunities to promote the Kyoto Declaration and re-visit its recommendations.The following reflections and discussion points are suggested as a guide for those working towards prohibition of corporal punishment of children and they can be used to engage with religious communities, particularly during the process of multi-religious cooperation, to encourage religious communities to develop their work as active advocates for children.Churches for Non-violence Network

Global Initiative to End Corporal Punishment

Save the Children

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